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The Sense of an Ending - Julian Barnes

I've owned this book almost a year in October. It is a short book and I have no idea why I hadn't picked it up earlier. However, yesterday I was looking through my Audible library to find a short listen, under 6 hours, and noticed The Sense of an Ending and decided to give it a go. I'm happy I did.


Anthony, the main character, and his ex-girlfriend Veronica are the central characters in the book. It starts with them and basically ends with them. There's tragedy, comedy and many frustrations in this narrative. I sometimes found the book tedious when involving Tony's character. It's hard to believe a man up in years continues to act like a lost boy most of the time. He was absolutely clueless about most things. He began to reinvent history to suit his ego and was quite self absorbed. I never did get a good grasp of Veronica. The word I would use to describe her is cold.


I enjoyed the book but I wanted more. I would've liked to know why Veronica was so cold and manipulative. There were hints by Anthony but nothing concrete. A lot was alluded to but never told. That was frustrating. The theme of having hope in renewing what was once lost (love/friendship) plays over and over in this book but, as we know by now, once something is lost seldom is it found.