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Forty Acres: A Thriller - Dwayne Alexander Smith

I want to share a passage in the book that I believe to be profound.


"Black Noise" told by Dr. Kasim to Martin 


 "Black noise is screams,"the doctor said his voice grim. "The screams of our kidnapped, enslaved, tortured, raped, and murdered ancestors crying out for vengeance."


 Dr. Kasim's sudden intensity caused Martin to draw back, like he was avoiding a blast of heat from a roaring fire. He saw the other men nod in agreement.


 "The screams of our ancestors haunt every black man's soul," Dr. Kasim said, with sorrow in his voice, "a constant reminder that the white man not only conquered our forefathers but robbed them of their humanity. And because of this burden of shame and humiliation, deep down every man of African descent, no matter how rich or powerful, harbors a poisonous seed of doubt that he is truly equal to the white man. Even worse, a fear of the white man."


**Bold words not in book but highlighted by me. pg. 150