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Beyond Freedom: Disrupting the History of Emancipation (UnCivil Wars Ser.)
Justin Behrend, Professor Richard Newman, Carole Emberton, Kate Masur, Hannah Rosen, Thavolia Glymph, Stephen Berry, Brenda E. Stevenson, Chandra Manning, Susan Eva O'Donovan, Jim Downs, Amy Taylor, James Oakes, Greg Downs, Eric Foner, Eric Foner, David W. Blight
A Tangled Web: Mata Hari: Dancer, Courtesan, Spy
Mary W. Craig
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Debbie Doesn't Do It Anymore: A Novel - Walter Mosley

I enjoyed this read, but can't seem to be resolute with my rating. If I rate for enjoyment I would give it 4 stars but if I were to rate on the story itself it would be more of a 3 star rating. Mosley's writing is smooth, as usual, and for that I'd give 4.5 stars. 


I will have to stew on these for a while. I'll just continue reading on until my thoughts bind together in a cohesive manner to write an appropriate review.