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A Steele for Christmas

A Steele for Christmas - Brenda Jackson I was a bit dismayed with this book after reading the first couple of pages/chapters because there were many similarities to many of her other novels. I was feeling that many things had been recycled from past books and there wouldn't be anything fresh between the covers of this book. Boy, was I wrong. While I will admit that there is recycled cliches' that she utilizes in most of her novels, there was a genuine great story here. The relationship between Eli Steele, a strong African American alpha male and Stacey was sizzling HOT. Scorching if you will! I think by far, A Steele for Christmas is one of her HOTTEST books yet. As always, the close and endearing relationship between the large Steele family, their education and wealth is all a plus to read about. Especially when it's rarely discussed in the news or anywhere else for that fact. It's awesome to be reminded that yes, there are many African Americans that are wealthy, educated, contributing members of society, have close loving relationships and families and are not all on welfare and or in prison. I thank Mrs. Jackson for always noting this in her novels. I am a fan and always will be. Kudos to her and I can't wait for the next read.