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Baby Momma Drama

Baby Momma Drama - Carl Weber I will rate the quality of the audio and the book. Beginning with the audio, the voices were annoying. The voices of the characters would change it seemed every chapter and sometimes audibly a man would be reading for one of the female characters confusing you to think it's a male character speaking.The story was "CRAZY"! I went from angry, to extremely angry, to completely fit to be tied. The characters; Derek, Wendy, Stephanie, Jasmine and Dylan (with the exclusion of Big Momma) were all obnoxiously pathetic. The two sisters Stephanie and Jasmine were the worst. In the story, the decisions and actions of the characters were a continuous cycle of bad to worst over and over again with . The book was fun. If you are looking for the most drama that your mind could possibly endure, then this is the book for you.