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I love to acquire, hoard, stack, shelve, smell, read and share books. I review books. I stare at books. You get it, right?


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Wrote My 400th Review on Netgalley
Wrote My 400th Review on Netgalley

I thought I'd be at 500 by now after 8 years, but I've had a lot happen, in my life, in that time. Some years I only read 25 books because my brain was struggling. I Struggled to concentrate and when trying to write reviews my brain couldn't find the words. As I've often stated that reading, when I'm able, is easier than writing. 


I'm not the typical reviewer as I'm not an aspiring writer. I also do not like to regurgitate synopsis. I just want to share my opinion of what I've read. Maybe I'm not people's cup of tea, but I know there's a voice for everyone. I'm pleased when fellow readers follow mine. I've discovered that finding my own rhythm keeps me motivated and when I try to emulate others style of long paragraphs I become quickly discouraged and lose interest in reviewing. 


I appreciate all the publishers who have read my bio and know that I am genuine about reading and reviewing, even though I don't have the 80% stats that are ideal. I will keep plugging away, when I'm able, and not get discouraged.


I want to tell those who may be wondering or feeling left out that It's okay if your style is a bit different. Being different and unique is awesome! It's just being YOU. Keep going and you will find your tribe.