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A Rich Man's Baby

A Rich Man's Baby - Daaimah S. Poole, Kim Brockington First I have to say the book overall was good. It started good, lulled in the last 3/4, and then fizzled out at the end. I had to stare at my Ipod in disbelief of the horrendous ending. It left me asking myself, "Did I just invest over 7 1/2 hours for this"? The characters were funny albeit "ridiculous". Tanisha and Adrienne's antics were well beyond stupid and juvenile. Listening to the audio I kept asking myself, now which one is in their 20's and which one is in their 30's? Both women were just above teen-like. The story did hold my interest. It had everything, a psychotic ex, gold digging women, trashy sluts, groupies, NBA and NFL players and more. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a roller coaster of fun.