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Still a Mistress: The Saga Continues

Still a Mistress: The Saga Continues - Tiphani OMG, I didn't think the second installment could or would be as good as the first. Boy, was I surprised. Tiphani didn't disappoint with this story. From the first couple of pages you are whisked unto the damage of Chloe. It was like a 400 meter dash of non stop sprinting from the first page to the last. I liked how when all was bleak an unknown character would appear out of thin air to Oshyn's rescue. I hope that one day I will find such a devoted and down for whatever friend like Brian. What a guy, huh? I thought it was very crafty and essential to the story how Tiphani was able to weave in the new characters and give them such flair. I hated Mr. Shannon Deveraux. He made my skin crawl, ugh! All in all, I would recommend this book to everyone, even those who don't read Street-Lit.