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The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey - Dominic Hoffman, Walter Mosley "PHENOMENAL"! This is my first Walter Mosley book. Wow, I am left speechless with teared filled eyes because I too love Ptolemy. I can say I love him just as much as Robin, if not more. It's been a long time since I've been able to connect with multiple characters in a story. I felt, while listening, like I knew these people personally and I was an invisible person with them on the bus, visiting Neicy, or visiting the Jewish Lawyer. Also, that I was there drinking tea with the antiques dealer and sitting on the couch with Mr. Grey as he gave Al his "gold coin". This was, for me, story telling at it's best. I was completely engrossed and engaged in the story. I didn't want it to end. I am reflective of our duty to assist and love our Nations Elders and how a little love and attention goes a long way. I listened to the audio version of this "INCREDIBLE" work. I don't know if my opinion of the book would be any different if I read it and not listened however, I do know with certainty that listening to Ptolemy in an Elder's voice made the story come alive. It was exceptional. That voice gave remembrance to all the Elder men in my life that I love. I felt and not just heard the greed of the family members who believed they deserved what they didn't. I felt the fear with Ptolemy when he was confused and couldn't speak of what he wanted to do or say. I knew in my own heart, as Mr. Grey knew in his, that Robin meant him no harm and that she loved him. I just can't say enough. My wish is that everyone could read this endearing story. If there is only one book that you pick up this year to read know with "The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey" you will get a great read, a good learning, and a few tears.