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The Breaking Point

The Breaking Point - 'Janaya',  'N. Black' While I try not to turn away from a book for poor editing, if the story is worth the read, I am elated when I encounter a book that is well written with a great storyline, and near perfect editing. Janya’s book “The Breaking Point” was a definite page-turner for me. At the end of her book, she gives you a taste of the other two in the series and let me tell you I forwent bed to start the next book “As Told By The Other Woman”.I felt for the women in both books and was engrossed in their stories. I liked how Janaya showed the interviewer (Vanessa’s) excitement/ anticipation each week leading up to visiting each woman. I was right there with her and Janaya didn’t leave the reader hanging on waiting for numerous dragged out sequels. So, far each book has been relevant and concise and I appreciate that.It’s hard to believe Mrs. Black hasn’t received the recognition, I feel, is deserved. This is great writing and storytelling and I think I can say that being the enthusiastic avid reader that I am. I’ve waded through nightmares, Classics, and Greats….