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As Told by the Other Woman

As Told by the Other Woman - Janaya Black In this story, the plot wasn't anything new however the story did deliver. I don't know how she turned the simplest plot into an engaging read without me just acknowledging that Mrs. Black can truly tell a story. She just has the ability to pull you in from the first page ensuring with juicy tidbits that you will keep the pages turning at all cost, even sleep deprivation. I never knew what was going to happen next. The characters were believable for the most part. The young love struck girl Timber “Suga Pie”, the no good loathesome cheating husband Tre, the middle-aged BFF who is a surrogate mom to Timber and the Model who doubles as a whooping ass Wife. Now that one didn’t seem real to me and it was hard for me to embrace that characterization. How many Models do you know that would risk their livelihood by fighting and damaging what others pay to see?All in all this was a fantastic read and now I’m on to the last “Beautiful Rage: The Break of Dawn (The Prison Chronicles Series)”....Can't wait...