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Derailed (La' Femme Fatale' Publishing)

Derailed - D~Skies "Derailed" wasn't at all what I expected. I was completely caught off guard by the superb plot, consistent flow of the storyline, the texture of the characters and it's cohesiveness. I'm rambling...this is a sleeper. I'm mad that I waited to purchse this gem and plowed through the mess of told over and over storylines with different covers. I am refreshed, my palate has been cleansed and Ms. Skies has just risen the bar. I ask that she doesn't spit out mediocrity on her next book as I will be looking and waiting anxiously for the same calibor, if not better, in her next effort. My motto is "some are born with it, some learn it, and others admire it"! Thank You Ms. Skies for a great evening of etertainment.I will write a detailed review in the coming week.