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Frederica - Georgette Heyer The book was fabulous. I thoroughly enjoyed all the Characters from the Merrivales, Alverstokes, Dauntrys and etc. The banter was nothing slight of witty. The sentences were flooded with great vocabulary. She doesn't lack for wording. I enjoyed the language in the novel, the romance of it.The Marquis, his three sisters, his heir Endymion, his neices (which he refuses to remember)and his secretary Trevor all lend a hand to aid the reader in understanding the nature of Vernon and how the love and admiration of Frederica changed him round. Frederica, her sister Charis, her brothers Harry, Jessamy and Felix paint a potrait of her character quite well. In never thinking of herself she doesn't see what is transpiring in her own life.Again, I loved this gem and will reread, read and read it again, I'm sure!Examples of the wonderful language/wording;"It was nothing – just fun and gig! But the Bag-wig was feeling out of curl, and he chose to cut up stiff.""She don’t come the ugly with the girls, and they must have somebody to play gooseberry, I suppose.""I have cut my eye-teeth, you know, and I’m not wholly paper-skulled!""Musn’t drive one’s mother to pop off the hooks: shocking thing to do!"