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Playground (La' Femme Fatale' Publishing)

Playground - K.D. Harris, Michelle Sagara West, Model Bubbles I love it when I am given the pleasure of reading an imaginative story and not the same run of the mill with different characters but same ol' story. Playground isn't what I had expected. I was hooked from page 10 and never stopped plowing through the book from then on. However, there were kinks in the flow of the story and the ending literally fell off. It was full steam ahead until the abrupt halt. You know like driving a car at a speed of 100 mph, having the time of your life, the adreniline is pumping and then the engine just suddenly dies. Obviously, The reader knows that there will be a sequel but a little closure with each character at the end would've been good. I was left dumbfounded by that.Toryn, Raya, Lucky, Mete, FattyKat, Lo-Lo, Nick, Hontas, Puppet, Riyah, Tre and some I've forgotten, all added to the spice of this story. Toryn and Riyah are the most pathetic sorry excuses for women. How naive, dumb and weak can you be? Again, I enjoyed the story and can't speak much about it without giving too much away. It's definitely a page turner. Welcome to the "Playground".This is for Eva;"I was sitting in the den reading this book called Bliss by my favorite author K.D Harris.""You know Michele Fletcher stopped thru to do inventory. She said K.D Harris is thinking about doing a mini-series called the Playground”"Toryn was sitting inside the book lounge reading a new book called “No Witnessess” and drinking a Chai tea."