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New York's Finest (1st of the Trilogy)

New York's Finest (1st of the Trilogy) - Kiki Swinson I really enjoyed this book. It held my attention all the way through. It was action packed and didn't lag. My only complaint is the end and this usually happens when there is a part II. It just ended with a dead halt. I've described this before in my reviews. My heart is beating a mile per minute waiting for this enormous climax/finish and I flatline on the last page. The end of this book left me feeling and thinking W-T-H just happened. A little bit more closure would've been nice. All in all, for entertainment purposes, it is well written and worth the time. It is a fast read that can be read in hours not days. I would recommend to lovers of Street/Urban Fiction. And as Kiki fans know, she doesn't disappoint.