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Beautiful Days: A Bright Young Things Novel

Beautiful Days  - Anna Godbersen I listened to the audio version of this book from Amazon's Audible. The reader, Caitlin Davies was FANTASTIC. Her voice was smooth and she livened the story. I would give Caitlin 5 stars. Sometimes, when listening to a book instead of reading it, the choice of the reader can be a terrible mistake that can negatively affect the book. I have read all of Anna Godberson's books thus far. Beautiful Days was a good read, nothing over top but a solid story. No doubt about it, Anna's writing is simply beautiful. She has a way with words. In this second installment the story centers aroung the girls, Letty, Cordelia and Astrid but also features more of Charlie. I liked that Charlie had a bigger role in the story as now he has to take over his Fathers Empire. I enjoyed watching Cordelia getting more aquainted and at ease in her new role and lifestyle. As many have said before me, Astrid is annoying, spoiled and whiny at best. So, I wont say much about her but that she gets in a whole heep of trouble, more than once, for her foolishness. Letty, is who I am rooting for to make it big and become the talk of the town. I am hoping in the next installment she has the limelight and the story will revolve around her.