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32 Candles: A Novel

32 Candles: A Novel - Ernessa T. Carter I listened to the audio version of this book. The audio version with Adenrele Ojo added something extra. To me she became "Davie". I listened on my player in the home, I listened through the car stereo and then on my outings when out of the car. When not listening I couldn't stop my brain from wondering what was going on with Davie. This book had captivated me and I couldn't function until I knew the whole story of Davie Jones. Ms. Carter pulls you in from the first page. You immediately begin a relationship roller coaster with Davinia and James. The added bonuses to the novel, for me, are that I too share a love for the movies 16 Candles with Jake Ryan, Pretty in Pink with Duckie and Blaine and I thoroughly enjoyed the infusion of the characters and movie references in the book.. This is a must read for everyone. You wont be disappointed!