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Night Hawk

Night Hawk - Beverly Jenkins Wow! Is all I can say right now as I type remembering how much I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. I didn't want it to end. I will be forever grateful to my sister for exposing me to her Historical Romance Novels that at first, I had refused to read. Many of Beverly's books were out of print so, to complete my sister's collection I had to pay quite a bit for them through Amazon's Marketplace. Most times paying $20-30 dollars for a $3-4 book! This was before ereaders, unfortunately. I myself just purchased, in the Marketplace, Belle and the Beau and Josephine and the Soldier, for a hefty sum. I have no complaints or regrets because her books/ stories are worth it! In my opinion, because Mrs. Jenkins shares a bit of Black History in her books, not only are you getting a fabulously written story but a lesson in history that you probably didn't receive in school. I enjoy the lesson. All it takes is to read just one of Mrs. Jenkins stories and you undoubtably will want to read them all. In Night Hawk, I fell in love with Ian. What a backstory to this incredible man. As I read, I kept saying to myself, " I want a Preacher too". I often like to ask "Where are the real men of the old day"? Not, this new Metrosexual man that doesn't like to get dirty, spends more time in the bathroom than a woman, and gets mani- pedi's. When I need a refresher of what I desire, I turn to a book from Beverly Jenkins or Brenda Jackson who both write about strong Alpha Male "yummy" characters that will get any woman's blood boiling! Now back to Ian, his love for his birth land (Scotland), his new community of people and Maggie were incredible to read about. Maggie was an orphaned, mistreated child who endured terrible misjustices as an adult as well. She is a smart, gun shooting, quill poking, fierce woman who fell head over heels for the Night Hawk, but trusted no one. I don't want to give anything away, but these two lost people found solace in one another that transpired into a wonderful love story. Kudos to Beverly Jenkins, she's done it again!!