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A Child of A CRACKHEAD II - Shameek A. Speight WOW!!! I have to say this first. The book was GREAT! I finished it within hours and quickly started on the 2nd book. However, the book isn't edited or formatted properly for the Kindle version. The poor editing really didn't intrude on my reading pleasure, but at times did make me take pause. Black Ice is a "MONSTER", yes he is the devil on earth. I have read many books with pretty bad characters, but Ice takes it to a whole new level. I don't prefer reading stories with people being cruelly abused and mistreated. This was a gruesome read for me. It was action packed and kept a good pace, no lulls here. The story was a dark one, but was balanced (a Bit) with other characters. Oops I've started going into part II. I will end this review by saying that this book was worth the read and money spent. It is a keeper and one I would recommend.