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Bitter (On Air)

Bitter (On Air) - Danette Majette Bitter, I enjoyed this almost psychotic thriller. It had many elements, bitter ex, cheating betraying husband, dumb young new fiancé', love struck co-worker, a true bestie, spoiled defiant teenage daughter, and a wonderful "where did he come from" boyfriend. This book was smooth reading. It really sped up towards the end, as most books do, feeling rushed after a prolonged beginning. Reese and Eric were a hoot with all their fighting and bickering. Even, the young white girlfriend was entertaining and got her verbal licks in at Reese. I enjoyed the true blue friendship of Reese and Joi. What wasn't so nice was the abusive relationship between Joi and her boyfriend Lavar. Again, a woman holding on to a no good man because she doesn't want to let go of the lavish lifestyle he provides, truly disturbing. I had figured out the bad guy about halfway in. It was sad to watch Julian, Reese's boss, be in such total complete love with her and she not liking him at all. Something like that is hard to watch happen in real life, so sad. Anyway, Bitter is a good book, solid, and I would recommend it.