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Cat's Cradle (Regency Novellas)

Cat's Cradle (Regency Novellas) - Shannon Donnelly I rather enjoyed this novella . I'm happy that I read the reviews first before declining to get this based on the Cat title. I don't like cats nor would I like to read a Romance novel based around cats.. Maybe, having cats in the title is a sellings point, but for me is wasn't. However, Cat's Cradle is a sweet story and a delightful read. Lord Ashten and his relationship with Emaline's sons are just what they were lacking. The banter between the proud Emaline and Ash was great and added to the build up of the romance. I must admit this story really does revolve around Emaline's cat Bea and and her kittens. It doesn't have much romance in it besides the main characters falling in love with one another at the end and a small kiss. I think, cat lovers will thoroughly enjoy this story!