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A Waltz at Midnight

A Waltz at Midnight - Crista McHugh I really enjoyed this story/novella. Susanna is a servant and her and her brother Hank (a victim of war) live at the Boarding House that their Aunt Martha runs at Vassar College. Susanna is asked to pretend to be Charlotte Hulmstead, one of the nicer girls at the house, and write letters to a suitor Charlotte wishes would go away. Susanna is uneasy about the deceit but realizes she could use the money for a greater good, to pay for the fees for her brothers Bar Exam. What started as an simple task that would benefit both girls turns out to be something else all together. Both girls in the end will have to make a decision about what others want for them versus what they want for themselves. I recommend this story. It was entertaining, the writing was smooth, and I enjoyed the plot....3.5 Stars