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A Seductive Kiss (Grayson Friends)

A Seductive Kiss - Francis Ray Dianna Harrington is the spokesmodel for her family's fashion empire started by her grandfather. She wears the best clothes, goes to the best parties and is exposed to all the right people. So, you would think that her life is happy and fulfilled, but it isn't. Dianna has had a very lonely childhood and life. Her parents cared more about themselves, the limelight and maintaining that lifestyle than being loving doting parents. Dianna's relationships and self esteem have taken a beating because of this.Alex Stuart is the brother of Dianna's BFF who she's had a secret crush on forever. She trust Alex and he's been a comfort and beacon of strength for her when needed. Many situations occur where Dianna needs and relies on Alex's support. During these situations they grow very close, challenging Diana to be strong and tenacious to finally stand up for herself to get the love and attention she desires and deserves.I enjoyed this story and the love that continued to grow between Alex and Dianna. This story again shows the saying that "everything that glitters isn't gold". One can have everything and still have nothing. It was hard to read how low Dianna's parents were willing to go to save themselves. How many times could they throw their own daughter under the bus? Read this story, you'll enjoy it.