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Private Arrangements (Kimani Romance)

Private Arrangements - Brenda Jackson Here is another installment of the Steele brothers of Phoenix. This story is about the conversion of Jonas. The motorcycle riding, shoulder length hair wearing, body and face made for a woman to see and swoon. Jonas, like all his brothers, believes he's meant to be a womanizer a one and done as he calls it kind of man. That's until on a rainy day a sweet, kind, and loving woman comes in his office and knocks him off his feet by the name of Nikki Cartwright. Nikki and Jonas work together on a project and happen to kiss. Both knowing it's more than they are letting on but let 18 months pass by. Jonas gets the opportunity of a lifetime to work on a project called the Velocity and has the perfect freelance photographer in mind for his team, Nikki. Nikki declines the career changing offer out of fear based upon her attraction to Jonas. Needless to say Jonas takes matters in his own hands and Nikki changes her mind. Now begins the whirlwind of intense attraction and great chemistry hot and steamy. I don't remember reading one of Ms. Jackson's books that were more steamy and blazing hot. The scenes were not just descriptive or implied but were shown for the reader to visualize. I enjoyed Private Arrangements and would recommend it to any and all fans of the romance genre.