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Sanctuary Cove (A Cavanaugh Island Novel)

Sanctuary Cove - Rochelle Alers This was a beautiful well written story about lost loves, going home, family, the love of friends, community, and renewed faith. I enjoyed Sanctuary Cove and throughout reading about this town and the people in it, I found myself wondering where I would fit in it. I immediately wanted to look it up on Google and search the listings for a place in town to call my own. This story is about Deborah and Asa who've both experienced loss and are trying to carve out a place for themselves to belong. Through friendship and companionship they find love. Deborah is a devoted mother to her two teen children and who I found to be quite independent, despite being married for over 20 years. She has strong values and long history on the Island. I enjoyed learning about the Gullah people, the island and Deborah's family history. This was more of a contemporary novel than a romance. There are some romantic scenes but I wouldn't call them streamy or hot. If you are looking to curl up with a good read, be transported to an intoxicating and serene location and dream of being a snowbird, this is the book for you.