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Shyt List 5: Smokin' Crazies The Finale' (The Cartel Publications Presents)

Shyt List 5: Smokin' Crazies the Finale (the Cartel Publications Presents) - Reign I can't believe I bought this! I am thoroughly and completely disappointed. The tone of this book was nothing like the previous four. I REALLY want my money back! This all could've been summed up in part 4. I got to 92% and knew it was over and I had been bamboozled. I will NEVER buy another book from Cartel again. This was a story that was uneventful and tenuously drawn out. I'm sooo pissed, I just don't want to go on with this review. I don't recommend at all, borrow or get from the library. Save your hard earned cash on this one! Oh yeah, the "choose your own ending"......why????