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Luck of the Draw (Delphine Publications Presents)

Luck of the Draw (Delphine Publications Presents) - Anna Black This is my second read by Anna Black. She didn't disappoint with "Luck of the Draw". The book is about Kennedy a spoiled, trusting, sweet woman who loves her best friend like a "sister". However, her friend, Cherae thinks she's a rich, spoiled, fat bitch who's had everything handed to her, an easy life. Ironically, this same sister-friend lives this "good-life" as well because she lives and mooches off Kennedy (always begging for money) as well as Kennedy's family. Kennedy finally meets a "good" man that doesn't want the modelesque Cherae and Cherae looses her mind literally. Well, we all know two things well, misery loves company and what happens when jealousy rears its ugly head. I felt Kennedy pain, anguish and plain old stupidity so much throughout the book that I was getting tired from all the rollercoaster of emotions. That's just how great Annas writing is in that she has the ability to show and not just tell. Anna definitely has talent. This story was smooth reading. This wasn't just the same ole drama, drama and more drama book that in the shock tactic of the story you aren't concerned with the actual writing, flow and language in the book. There are only a few writers that, I feel, have truly learned the craft of "WRITING" and I believe Anna has learned the skill/craft or hers is just a God given gift. Well, done Anna and you are now classified as one of my favorite writers.