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Mr. Darcy Forever

Mr. Darcy Forever - Victoria Connelly First I want to say that this book put a HUGE smile on my face. I too have found great comfort in Jane Austen movies and I have almost all adaptations. I have been very leery about reading Jane Austen "spin offs". I'm really speaking of the vampire, zombie and werewolf variety. In reading, Mr. Darcy Forever, I was quite surprised and pleased. I won't give yet another synopsis of the book, as there are many, I will give my opinion of the plot, characters and writing.The main characters are sisters, Sarah and Mia, who throughout the book are referenced to Elinor and Marianne of book/movie Sense and Sensibility. I must say that I would agree. Mia is ruled by her heart and Sarah by her head. Monica Castle, Sarah and Mia's mom left them when they were 11 and 20 (I believe) leaving Sarah to be both sister and mother to Mia. There are many twist in the plot and the characters. Sarah has OCD and Mia is in a perpetual state of poor. There are secondary characters that lend a great deal to the story as well. There's Alec (the insensitive rake whom both sisters fall for), Shellley (Mia's friend from Acting School), Gabe (Shelley's one arm neighbor and friend who has a secret of his own), Pie (Shelley's strange and unkempt housemate), Lloyd (a photographer who Sarah met at the festival) and Bingley (Shelly's wet nose dog).The plot is centered around The Jane Austen Festival that occurs every September in Bath. Three years ago an unspeakable act caused a riff between the sisters. Unknowingly, both will be attending the festival. This is where all the action and craziness occurs. I loved the references to Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion and Northanger Abbey which has propelled me to rewatch the movie in the near future. The descriptions of the events (the dance) and locations (the park and Barton Cottage), where the sisters stayed for Mia's 21st birthday, were breathtaking! I could close my eyes and imagine I was there taking a long stroll in the woods or sitting on the bench in the park taking it all in. There wasn't a time, when reading, that I was bored. It was a slow read for me because I didn't want to miss anything. At most times, I was reading as well as remembering a scene mentioned from one of the movies and had to turn back pages to focus on the words on the Kindle. The writing was superb, in my opinion. I am eager to read the first two novels in the Mr. Darcy Trilogy. I would recommend this book to any Janeites or romance fans alike.A special thanks to Sourcebooks and Netgalley for allowing me to read and review this book which otherwise I wouldn't have discovered and enjoyed.