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Her Good Thing (Kimani Romance)

Her Good Thing (Kimani Romance) - Vanessa Miller I enjoyed this short and sweet book. Although this wasn't the usual "hot and steamy" romance it had great build up. I was at times furious with Marshall with all his delusions and confusion. Why in the world did it take 10 years, makeup, a haircut and some body hugging clothes to get him to open up his eyes and heart! And Danetta...oh Danetta, loving a man for "10" years and idly watching him date every woman under the sun and staying mute but heartbroken ugh!It happens that I liked the secondary characters better than the main. Danetta's two friends and Marshall's friend Kevin were funny and interesting. I wanted to know more about Noel showing up at the wedding. Oh and we can't leave out Aunt Sarah. Her antics were spot on.I did however have some issues with the story. A couple of things I found to be quite unbelievable. 1) A woman who slaps a man for sleeping with her and never calling afterwards sees him again, goes to his house to talk, heal wounds and be friends.....unlikely 2)A woman stalker who slashes tires and breaks things goes to stalk but after being told, in front of others, she just isn't wanted quietly walks away to never stalk again...too easy3)Some of the dialogue was so cheesy I couldn't imagine the characters saying them let alone anyone else.