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The Dead and Buried

The Dead and Buried - Kim Harrington

Review to come.


14% done-Captivated from 1st page. This is a page turner for sure. I like books that start like a sprinter and not like a walker.


27% done...Kayla apparently was and is a real -itch! I hate to say this but if she was pushed....I could understand why. The stepmom is very manipulative and unlikable. Jade needs a friend, besides almost perfect SAT girl, and I believe Donovan will soon take that spot.


46% done...I have so many highlights in this book. Kim has constructed some great sentences some revealing others funny. I feel there's two people to watch going forward, angry Kane and wannabe Faye


63% done...Okay, I've been ignoring this foe some time but it just won't go away. As I'm reading, episodes and characters of Pretty Little Liars keep flashing through my head. The dead mean girl that most hated and/or worshiped. The creepy neighbor, the demented girl that was targeted the most and the boy/ boys who tried to love her.


85% done...I'm exhausted but I must know all