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Hollywood High

Hollywood High - 'Ni-Ni Simone',  'Amir Abrams' I'm giving Hollywood High four stars for bringing the funny on nearly every page. I haven't laughed this much reading any book or movie EVER. Rich, Heather, London and Spencer were FANTABULOUS! I loved each and every one of them. This book was over the top ridiculous but showed a realistic view of what overindulgence and low management/parenting could do to teenagers. Although the girls had "the life" they were all miserable and controlled in a way that most people on the outside looking in would never believe or understand. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a funny laugh out loud good time. Even though Hollywood High is about four reckless spoiled teens, their boyfriends, betrayals and crazy non sensical antics I wouldn't let those facts detour from reading this book.