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I love to acquire, hoard, stack, shelve, smell, read and share books. I review books. I stare at books. You get it, right?


I've missed my Booklikes friends!!!!!

— feeling big smile

Hello friends!


You all have definitely been missed. I've said this over and over that the only place I feel at home is Goodreads and the second place was here at Booklikes. I haven't been consistent on here for a couple of reasons. 


1) Having to enter all the info on new books

2) Booklikes not having an app

3) My brain not cooperating with me to be able to write anything coherent.


I had a pretty major surgery in November 2018 and had to move out of my residence of almost 10 years. That was all very stressful on me. I'm not one that adapts AT ALL to change. It has taken over a year for me to find my bearings. I've been learning new ways to do things to keep me doing what I love. I knew I wanted to come back. I will just post my own picks and won't worry about using the site to find them or add them. It stresses me out. Unfortunately, If anything is too difficult for me I will not continue.


I've tried to post on Instagram, Twitter and recently Tumblr. Twitter doesn't bother me, but IG is tooooo much and Tumblr is confusing. I'm learning how to work around difficulties. I'm going to try my best to divert from IG. I've said goodbye so many times over there, but continue on to spread the word about new releases. 


I don't have a blog and sometimes I want to write more. Not a review of sorts, but a sharing of my thoughts that's not for the publisher or author. I want to share with other readers, in a safe space, who may understand and have opinions of their own. 


Thank you all for always accepting me back and making me feel welcomed.