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Books Over TV

I love to acquire, hoard, stack, shelve, smell, read and share books. I review books. I stare at books. You get it, right?


No More Rushing

I'm embarrassed and saddened that I don't write reviews anymore. Yes, I do rate the books I read but I no longer write about what I loved, hated, discovered, learned or wanted. I think this is because I am rushing through the books. Trying to feverishly whittle down my tbr from my own enormous library and the books I've received from publishers. 


No more! I will no longer rate a book right after reading it to give myself time for reflection and will take my time to lean into the book and not leap. I will absorb the words and allow the characters to develop and appear in my head.


Many books I've read recently I don't remember much about them. I ponder if it is because they were just simply unmemorable or that I absorbed nothing from the books having sped through them?


There will be changes...