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I love to acquire, hoard, stack, shelve, smell, read and share books. I review books. I stare at books. You get it, right?


New To My TBR

Pretty Baby - Mary Kubica Under the Udala Trees - Chinelo Okparanta Chasing River - K.A. Tucker China Rich Girlfriend - Kevin Kwan Street Poison: The Biography of Iceberg Slim - Justin Gifford The Marriage of Opposites - Alice Hoffman The Color of our Sky - Amita Trasi

Super excited about the new titles added to my tbr. Here I'm showing a few that I want to read asap. I chose two  genres that I rarely read, thrillers and new adult. Oh yeah, I have a biography. I don't think I've ever read a biography. I'm trying to branch out just a bit ensuring that the subject matter really interest me. 


You all already know I love books set in other countries. I will be in China, Bombay and Nigeria. I enjoy being swept away to different locations. I've been fascinated by asian culture and traditions for quite sometime and am excited to read Kevin Kwan's books. In The Color of Our Sky there's a 10 year old girl who has escaped prostitution to only be kidnapped years later. I knew this was a must read for me.


Now comes the hard part, reading faster, prioritizing and staying the course.