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The Trials of Being a Curly Girl

Masked Ball at Broxley Manor - Rhys Bowen Jump at the Sun - Kathleen McGhee-Anderson

I am a curly girl. I have afro-textured course curly hair with sprinkles of unruly grey. When straight my length is at my tail bone. When wet it is around my shoulders. Herein lies the problem.....tangles and knots. 


I'm sure you may be wondering, what does your hair have to do with books? Well, my wash days are about 5-6 hours start to finish and I usually listen to calming music like Jazz to keep my nerves so as to not grab for the scissors. I had forgotten that I used to listen to audio books to pass the time in a more productive manner.


This week I did. I listened to two short stories from my Audible library on my Fire HDX 7.

Listening to those audio books really did pass the time, me being so engrossed in the story and not paying attention to my own frustrations. On future hair wash days I will choose an audible to lower my tbr, keep myself focused and away from the scissors.



*Masked Ball at Bowen Broxley Manor by Rhys Bowen was great. A historical with mystery is right up my alley.


**Jump at The Sun by Kathleen McGhee-Anderson was a great story about Zora Neale Hurston and her trials and tribulations when she was just starting out. It was done as a play. The voice of Zora was so distracting. It seemed over the top in its characterization. If Ms. Hurston did speak that way.... Lets hope not.