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I love to acquire, hoard, stack, shelve, smell, read and share books. I review books. I stare at books. You get it, right?


I'm a Hoarder....of ebooks!

Still there hasn't been much reading but for the last 2.5 days I have been feverishly deleting unwanted kindle ebooks. I'm ashamed and have lived in silence of my kindle library. I have not only spent ridiculous amounts on ebooks but have hoarded/collected ridiculous amounts of free and cheap books as well. I won't tell the number but as of right now over 2,000 have been deleted. 


Note... I have a vast amount of regular price books that add up to $... Well, I don't dare say.


You may be wondering how this could have happened. Well, it all started in 2011/2012 when free and really cheap books were a plenty. There were tons of paranormal and children books for free and I just had to get them all for my nieces and nephews, right? Now looking back on my crazy, I think it was the hunt that I loved. The hunt for free and cheap books. 


I've known for quite some time that those books needed to go. I also knew that deleting one book at a time just wouldn't do for my overwhelming library. Thank goodness some time last year Amazon listened to their kindlers and fixed the ebook deleting function. I was super happy. 2015  is the year to clean up and clear out. I may be behind already in my 2015 challenge but I'm clearing my mind of unnecessary worries and anxieties. 


There it is friends my kindle library hoarding story of shame.