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The Blue Castle - L.M. Montgomery

Some time ago, I watched a Book Tuber talk about her love of The Blue Castlewhen she was a child, and that she read it over and over. She wanted a new copy as her mass market copy was old and tattered. 


Sourcebooks have designed beautiful new covers for many of L. M. Montgomery books. Last year I purchased all six of the Anne Of Green Gables editions. They are absolutely beautiful. I was intrigued by The Blue Castle and ordered it. Isn't the book stunning? 


At the beginning Valancy (our main character) is self deprecating to exhaustion. She repeats her misfortunes and ill treatment from others over and over. I knew if Valancy didn't stand up for herself soon I would have to quit this book. To my delight she has done just that with verve and now I'm all in.